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With 100+ diagnostic centers & pathology labs across Mumbai, Pune & Goa, India’s one of the most technologically advanced healthcare diagnostics companies in India generated 515% ROI via Search Engine Marketing

Increase appointment booking across locations via Search Engine Marketing

For a large diagnostics service provider, we revamped their website with the objective of generating incremental traffic that would translate to more leads and thereby more revenue. The previous website generated 75-80 leads monthly. We increased the lead volumes to ~4000/month via paid search on Google and laser-focused SEO strategies.

For financial year 2017-18, we generated 515% ROI on spends across Search Marketing channels (after taking into account fees paid to Briefkase)

Google Ads contributed towards a hefty 80% of the leads that translated to roughly the same % of customers for our client . Location-based campaigns on Search & Display resulted in 765% ROI on total spends. Our strategy was to create relevant landing pages for services offered by the client and drive geo-targeted keywords to these pages. We also used pin code targeting to limit spillover and wastage of impressions, thus maintaining a high CTR%. Moreover, we managed to lower CPLs by optimizing campaigns daily – we focused on introducing negative keywords and leveraging target CPA bidding strategy across campaigns.

For SEO, we created location specific pages and optimized them for local search queries. We created pages for diagnostic centers in Mumbai, Thane, Pune and other cities that rank on page 1 for local searches. Secondly, we focused on internal linking and building content clusters for most preferred services. Our technical approach to SEO has paid rich dividends. SEO accounts to approximately 15-20% of online leads with a 368% ROI in 2017-18.

Along with performance marketing, we have launched multiple brand building initiatives on Social Media, resulting in a growth of reach across channels. Our measurement driven approach to online marketing has resulted in a 515% ROI for our client.


  • Our client has seen a 3X growth in Organic traffic over two years, resulting in an increase of appointment bookings for pathology & diagnostic services by more than 800%.
  • More than 70% of keywords rank on Page 1 of Google.co.in
  • Call inquiries and leads generated via geo-focused Google Ads campaigns has resulted in an increase of appointments by 250X
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