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Edetailing Solutions for Healthcare Companies

Healthcare industry is rapidly changing and there is an increasing need for healthcare providers and practices to spend more time with patients and give them the additional healthcare attention they require.

Edetailing is an evolving term for leveraging web and mobile technology and interactive media to enable healthcare professionals in learning new alternatives, practices and treatments in an efficient and timely fashion.

E-detailing platforms helps pharma companies create a profile for their products and services in the healthcare market. Choosing an e-detailing form that will be right for their particular product, target physician group and country is very important for the future of your company. It can potentially provide physicians with a more convenient means of getting the information they want at a time that suits them.

edetailing platforms

Proscape, Viseven & Veeva

Our team will ensure to develop sleek and scientific e-Detailers on these widely used platforms. Fast, easy deployment and better control over sales interactions make Proscape a reliable choice in the market. With a multitude of features, ease of use and industry-specific templates, Viseven is generally the go-to platform for many facilities and businesses. With a thorough understanding of healthcare industry, Veeva is a globally leading name for its e-Detailing and CLM solutions.

edetailing services

Your eDetailing App

We are always up for creating a fully customized, built-from-the-scratch e-Detailing experience to meet your specific set of needs. By understanding your requirement and challenges, we’ll help you choose the right e-Detailing platform or a mix of different platforms, thus empowering you to place brands and therapies out in the healthcare market with gusto. We work hand-in-hand at every stage during development and deployment.


edetailing platforms


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