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The new age consumers aren’t just eating healthier; they’re also exercising more and focusing on total body and mind wellness rather than just worrying about weight loss and fitness. One of the ways, consumers manage and maintain their healthy and active lifestyles is through the use of wearable technology. Wearable technology offers a wide variety of options and benefits, including sleep tracking, emergency response and location, posture correction, and even fertility.

The advanced informatics as the wearable device has a tremendous impact on mobile devices and its usage. Now the consumer has shifted their mindset from decorative smart wearable device to mainstream. The healthcare and entertainment segments are driving the wearable device trend forward, and consumer adoption shortly.

At BriefKase, we believe that good building blocks will ensure an efficient chain from identifying objectives to monitoring lead conversions. A broad social media strategy is now a must for any wearable device company that wishes to enter or remain cognate in today’s competitive market. Every company has made a significant move to advertise their product in social media to breed community engagement. No doubt product features drive conversion and incremental sales but the right channel gives the fuel to educate customers about differentiation.

Digital Marketing for Wearable Health Technology Products

We provide support in strategy and execution to your business that result in increasing its web presence, acquiring new customers and re-engaging customers of the past.

Healthcare Website Design

Website Design & Development

Your website will be your first impression and we will design it to increase growth in patients and revenue. Our unique measurement & KPI driven approach to web design and development will drive accountable performance for your business.

Healthcare SEO

Search Engine Optimization

We drive organic traffic growth, leads and revenue for healthcare product manufacturers. Our SEO team will work up a plan that suits you and focus on authoritative medical content and brand building on third-party aggregator platforms.

Healthcare PPC

Pay Per Click Marketing

We specialize in defining and managing campaigns on Google Ads and Bing for healthcare companies and will do the same for you. Our PPC service is offered via certified Google Ads & Bing professionals.

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media for Health care related brands is necessary to service consumers who are looking for medical information online. We understand the need to provide authentic, researched and curated medical information across multiple Social media platforms. We will create customized content to attract the target audience to your specialized care.

Healthcare Analytics

Analytics & Insights

We understand marketing & sales funnels and devise strategies to measure the performance across the funnel. Our analytics offering for your brand include marketing channel analytics, conversion optimization and building intuitive dashboards that provide a single view of your marketing data.

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