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Beauty brands are moving away from traditional advertising and increasingly adopting modern techniques. The new strategies range from working with social media influencers to showcasing content in digital marketing campaigns. Over the past few years, major brands like L’Oreal and Coty saw noticeable drops in spending when it came to ads, promotions, merchandising and more. This seems to be the result of many factors, i.e., consumer content is easier and inexpensive to obtain. A well-planned visual marketing campaign is all it takes to inspire consumer driven content and handing out a little cash or products to influencers is a small price to pay for relatively high ROI.

Digital technologies enable consumers to experience brands in entirely new ways. The modern consumer expects a two-way conversation and nowhere is this more the case than in the cosmetics industry. Cosmetics brands have quickly moved from a product-based model to an experience-based model. It is no longer just about the product.

Digital Marketing for Beauty & Anti-ageing Brands

The key to extracting value from social is in engaging and entertaining first and foremost – and “selling” to them as a secondary action. At BriefKase, we will craft a multi-faceted digital strategy that embraces conscious luxury and organic skin care by showcasing transparency and authenticity.

Healthcare Website Design

Website Design & Development

Your website will be your first impression and we will design it to increase growth in sales and revenue. Because of the visuals-heavy nature of cosmetics, though, site speed is even more important in this industry and another important addition, user-friendly guides to ensure customers are confident in their purchases.Our unique measurement & KPI driven approach to web design and development will drive accountable performance for your business.

Healthcare SEO

Search Engine Optimization

We drive organic traffic growth, leads and revenue for healthcare service providers. Our SEO team will work up a plan that suits you and focus on authoritative medical content and brand building on third-party aggregator platforms.

Healthcare PPC

Pay Per Click Marketing

We specialize in defining and managing campaigns on Google AdWords and Bing for healthcare companies and will do the same for you. Our PPC service is offered via certified AdWords & Bing professionals.

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media for beauty and anti-ageing companies is necessary to serve consumers who are looking for medical information online. We understand the need to provide authentic, researched and curated information across multiple Social media platforms. We will create customized content to attract the target audience to your brand.

Healthcare Analytics

Analytics & Insights

We understand marketing & sales funnels and devise strategies to measure the performance across the funnel. Our analytics offering for your brand include marketing channel analytics, conversion optimization and building intuitive dashboards that provide a single view of your marketing data.

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